GOTCHA Kit Harness Rescue (MOD 5a)

Duration: 1 Day

Max Delegates: 6



 •     Understand the implications of being suspended in a harness and the importance of rescue provision when working at height.
 •     Have a basic understanding of the different approaches to rescue and how the rescue kit fits into a hierarchy of options, e.g. improvised planned and emergency services.
 •     Understanding the importance of personal safety whilst carrying out rescue.
 •     Post rescue care and handover to a first aider or the emergency services.
 •     Identification of the key components for the rescue kit, their strengths and limitations.
 •     The ability to assess the situation and select the appropriate recovery technique, i.e. anchor point selection and suitable points of safety harness attachment.

 •     Correctly fitting and adjustment of a fall arrest harness.
 •     Correct use of double and / or single fall arrest lanyards for personal safety whilst traversing and rescuing.
 •     The importance of casualty management and the application of temporary aids.
 •     Remote deployment of the rescue kit from a position of safety and attachment to an unconscious casualty.
 •     Use of the rescue kit to raise and lower an unconscious suspended casualty.
 •     Correct use of the equipment to gain a mechanical advantage when lifting the casualty.


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