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Basic Hand Tools

Duration: 1 Day

Max Delegates: 10


  1. Recognise and identify the hazards associated with various hand tools.
  2. State how the following hand tools are safely used:
    1. 1Files & Vices
    2. 2Hacksaws & junior hacksaws
    3. 3Hammers & Mallets
    4. 4Cold chisels
    5. 5Spanners
    6. 6Hexagon socket wrenches (Allen keys)
    7. 7Screwdrivers
    8. 8Pliers, wrenches & snips
    9. 9Punches & scribers
    10. 10Hand or battery driven drills
  3. Demonstrate the safety minded approach to any task involving the use of basic hand tools.
Acknowledge the use of a risk assessment and a safe system of work

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